Secret Santa

Secret Santa
You get to choose one gift — no price restrictions — for any person you want. The caveat? You have to give it anonymously. What gift would you give, and to whom?

The point of “Secret Santa” is to make Christmas shopping easier and to spread around the spirit of giving to those who you might not normally have on your Christmas list. It involves a group of people exchanging names for a secret gift exchange. Consider playing ‘secret santa’ at your next holiday get together, or learn the instructions for a round of the game you’ve already been invited toCharitable giving has always been part of my lifestyle, especially around the holidays. I own my business, and the hard work I’ve put into it has paid off. My company is thriving, and I’m fortunate enough to enjoy a comfortable salary. But there are a lot of people out there who are nowhere near as lucky. So the way I look at it is that if I’m in a position to help others, then that’s exactly what I should do. But after becoming disillusioned with big corporate charities, I had to rethink my approach to charitable giving.That’s why, every holiday season, I anonymously give away thousands in pre-loaded debit cards to needy people in my community.



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