So Far So Good


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Poems by Ronberge (anno secundo) : 13 / 29 « francais Plus je te donne d’afree form R O A D K I L L – A »
free form For Jerry Hughes – So Far, So Good…a poem about life life life life life life life life life life

I get up and make
as little noise as possible
as not to wake the lioness
and her cubs …
they are still on holiday
Nobody wakes up
Coast is clear
So far, so good…

I scrape the ice off my car
At minus 15 Cee
Then Drive to work
Where I learn that
My business lunch is canceled
and that I’ve done something last time
to the system
That made all backups impossible
But I do manage
to finish what I started today
And even get a check for it
So far, so good…

I’m Back home early
And have an impromptu visit
From the plumber
The pipes need fixing, badly
Before the building becomes
a three-story shower
Then I call out for lunch
To be delivered
while I wait for him
to get the replacements
for fifteen years of neglect
So far, so good…

All of this reminds me
Of the nightmare I had last night
of eating half-cooked lizards,
That were still moving,
At someone’s insane Idea of a party.
But then I woke up
And was back, for once,
to a more pleasant reality
So far, so good…
So I type this in a hurry
On the living room computer
My laptop is now an island
With all ports closed
Holding hostage my 16 unfinished novels
Not to worry,
I burned all my stuff on a CD
A while back
Dell will offer a new solution for a price
And this time I have the money to buy
So far, so Good…

I wonder briefly,
Thinking of you,
If I will remember any of this
When I’m fifty, sixty, seventy?
How will my perception change
Or will it ever?
Will I still be me?
If so
Will I have the means
to shrug it off,
looking at gain
more than loss,
Saying of my life,
As I always do…
So far, so good?


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