What’s the reason of your existence? (Purpose of Life) What are you here for

I best believe that we’re here on Earth for a reason cause God has plans for all of us individually. Our existences is the purpose of our lives. To be living, we all have our own purposes. Some people has to be responsible for someone’s life, Just like our parents.

Life is a precious gift from God so we should take a good care of it. Sometimes, you might feel down and  if the question just ever crossed your mind. What’s the reason to be living ? Life doesn’t always get hard. It has ups and downs. If you see that problem is a another perspective you’d probably see that it’s not a big deal compares to others out there who’s suffering from diseases, homeless and whatever life has brought to them. So no matter how many time you feel down, just remember that you might be the reason why the people behind you are living for. If you ever be told unwanted from someone or ever felt that way Of course, it’s killing inside but at the end of the day, you’re still alive because there are so many supportive people behind you that makes you keep going.

People could say anything they wanted to and they would judge you no matter what you’re doing, either good or bad convinces. It has influenced the way we live but it depends on our minds that we manage not to be worried about it or not. So What really is the purpose of my life ? That would be my family, they have been there since day one being the most supportive in everything I do and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. So no matter how many times you’re feeling down or you really have no clue why are you here for just remember that you’re the reason why someone else is living their lives for.

We all come from nothing and someday will be gone for nothing as well just be thankful for a precious gift which is God has given us to be experiencing in this world.


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