The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

My 10 favorite Quotes from the book

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


1.“…whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth.”

I like the conception of this philosophy of the Alchemist is being said that we all have dreams and our own paths in lives to keep us chasing them. No matter what ethnicity we are or different backgrounds or what we do, people can get in touch in this universe that connects everything together. Instead of serving others,

2. “The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight.”

When I first read this quote influential people such as Michael Jordan and Johnny Depp came in to my mind. These people have thought that success in life can’t come without great failures. No matter how many times you get knocked back or rejected or any other reasons. It’s the key to never accept defeat. Always move forward and never stop learning. instead you can see your failures as valuable lessons on the road to success and never give up on your dreams.

3. “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

I think the greatest gift in life  is when you find out what your heart wants. It’s a trite saying but I definitely agree because whenever i’m being happy which means that i’m enjoyed living my life and what else could i ask for more. It’s the point when I finally find my happiness. it could be people, places, or a lifestyle but its only when we stop and acknowledge what it is out heart wants when we find our greatest treasures that couldn’t be brought. It’s priceless. These are the treasures that will bring joy and happiness into lives and our heart will be there to capture and cherish them forever.

4.“Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”

This quote says that you will meet a person who will share opinions regarding your life and your work whether you ask or not. Some will agree with you and some won’t. I discovered C’est la vie! means You will never, ever, please everybody. At the end of the day, you’re still who you are and a better version of yourself than a person you were yesterday. As long as you’re working toward your own happiness don’t let the opinions of others discourage you, especially those from people who have not yet found their own paths in life. So Always remember to have faith.

5 “We are afraid of losing what we have, whether it’s our life or our possessions or our property. But this fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and the history of the world were written by the same hand.”

This quotation tells that a person have no reason to fear anything if he recognizes that he plays a role in something greater than his own life. If the person recognizes that his tragedy serves a higher purpose, he has no reason to fear any loss. This insight becomes important to Santiago as he faces challenges in the book as he learns to stop fearing failures.

6. “At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.”

We are in control of our own lives. We choose which paths to take where to go and with whom we spend our time with. The sooner we can start creating the lives we want. It is never too late to be aware of where our choices may take us and form the paths we want to take. The power to do that lies each of us.

7. “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

It’s not the dream come true that makes life interesting, it’s the possibility of it happening. The journey is as important as the destination however without a destination or your dream the journey is without direction and loses its meaning. So dream that dream, and pursue it.

8. “The boy and his heart had become friends, and neither was capable now of betraying the


The quote refers to the importance of following our dreams and listening to our hearts. It refers to how we should never do things that our hearts. we have to trust our hearts to make the right decisions for us.

9“There is only one way to learn. It’s through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey.”

I find traveling is the only thing you can’t buy that makes you richer. Throughout the journey, you might face curves, bumps along the way and experience the road you have taken individuality. The action you take destine what the future holds. But at the end of day, its a ride of joy what keeps you alive and acknowledge simplest things around us.

10.“The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.”

this quote suits my individuality, I’ve made mistakes and we all do however our imperfections is perfection when you are concerned enough to the consequences of improvement on the present and what comes later will also pay off you hard work to be better later or sooner at some point it is.


Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Happy Joy Joy
We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”― Dr. Seuss

It’s been forever that I couldn’t remember when was the last time I wiped my eyes because of happiness.

Hmm, that’s interesting. I don’t remember crying for joy, ever or maybe I just haven’t yet.

Do people do that? Crying for joy just seemed a little funny to me because why would happiness provoke tears? Wouldn’t it provoke laughter and smiles?

It’s not the kind of joy that makes a person smile but the kind of joy that causes one to feel surprised, glad, or even relieved like right after a mother gives birth. I’ve seen it in the news and movies. Or when someone realizes that person’s been there for him/her all along and is grateful. I guess I just never had that kind of thing happen to me yet but I’m not giving my hopes up. Someday.


Be the change

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”  -Mahatma Gandhi

In order to do something, you have to want it. If you want something, you’ll cherish all the struggles and pain that come with it. You are determined to reach your goal. A change can only happen if you want to see it happen and the only a change could happen is if you put your effort into it.  It’s obvious that nothing is going to happen without you. You can choose to make a change or not. To take action or just sit there. But you know, at the end of the day, the choice was and is yours.

Choosing is a decision. There are hundreds of students in the school that we don’t know. And maybe one of them is sick of everything. They can’t put up with life anymore. They don’t see the happiness. They don’t feel the love. But you could change that. If you see someone sitting alone at lunch why not invite them to sit with your table? Everyone is talking about it, reading about it, thinking about it, but they are not doing it. They don’t understand that their actions will only happen by their choice. Gandhi said “whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it”. This quote encourages me to do the right thing no matter what. To me, this means that I won’t always get an award for every good deed I do, but I should do it just because it is the right thing to do. Our decisions need to be made there and then, and we have to commit our actions to create a change we want to see.

bethe chage

New Skin

New Skin
If you could spend the next year as someone radically different from the current “you” — a member of a different species, someone from a different gender or generation, etc. — who would you choose to be?


I would choose to be with ones who make me happy and ones I love

I think I would do it for one day just to see what it would feel like to be someone different. I would want to spend the day as a man. To see whether there the sexes do get different treatment.

So much changes in one year. Last year I turned 17 and I felt like I grew into myself. Everything that has happened in my life has shaped me. I’m a twin so to become a new person for a year would mean I would be losing the very essence of who I am. What would it be like to be someone who has never experienced loss even for one day? I don’t think I would want to be that person. They have never had struggle, pain, compassion, growth. My friends have said I’m an inspiration. That they are proud of how strong I am. Why would I want to give that up to be someone else?

Today is the first day of a brand new year. So many possibilities. I don’t really do resolutions but I know that this is a year where I will make myself a priority. Have fun. Dare to dream.


Good Tidings

Good Tidings
Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to

Ok listen up 17 year old me. You are going to get screwed a couple of times at work. One will be a little more than a year from now. You will think at that time that this is the worst thing to have ever happened to you and you will be sad, there will be some tears and a lot of “Why me?” and the feelings of having done a lot for nothing and having been taken advantage off will meander through your brain. And it gets worse for a year or so. And then it will get better

nfact it will get better for a while. For 4 years to be exact or rather 3.5 years and then shit happens again. You will fall in love once and have another woman be interested in you. Ignore both situations and do not speak of them or think much of it. It doesn’t matter in the long run. More trouble lies ahead that will need your full attention. You need to be careful and look out for something better before these 4 years are over. Take actions to avoid the pitfalls in your path.

You will be miserable and you will lonely, hopeless, useless and you will be broke and you will feel like nothing is worth this life. I’m sorry but life is miserable at this point in time, 10 years from now. Unless you can change it. Be on your guard and make wise decisions to counter act these issues.


To be resolved

How did you do on last year’s New Year’s resolutions? Do you anticipate there would be any leftover items to be carried over to next year?

New Year has always seemed to me a beginning of a new cycle, or a new path of self-development, but I never write detailed resolutions, having only abstractive understanding of my plans for future. But this year will end with a following resolution.

First of all, I would like to become more assertive and self-confident. I need thus some more courage in my daily affairs. In addition, I need some courage to esteem my faults and failures and put them on the path of improvement: it seems like I’m becoming dependant upon the opinions of my surrounding (friends, relatives and classmates), so I would like to manage some situations on my own, without relying upon the others’ advice or imposition. I want to become more independent in my attitudes and viewpoints and to get the ability to separate my judgments from those of others. I would like to say that I will not keep waiting for New Year and will realize my plan in the nearest future… It is not necessary to wait for new cycle in order to change your life, because some alterations can and must be done immediately.I would just leave all the negatives in this year and be a new version of myself in for New Years. I would continue to keep all the good company in my life and for the next year.

All Grown Up

All Grown Up
When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

Life of me and mine

Now that’s a hard one, because since being small children, we’re all told we’re ‘big boys and girls now’, and taught to think we’re grown up. Obviously we probably aren’t, but we still feel it.I’ve come to a universal truth; you are never truly grown up until you feel there is no longer the need to take credit for what you do, have the final word, or last laugh.

When the first time I traveled by myself. I have had other grown up moments, a number of them involve times where I have been left in charge of difficult situations. I felt like I was grown up when I started to consider about others rather than mine:)

Do I even want to grow up? To become a normal, responsible and boring person who worries about paying bills and rent and whatever else grown ups are meant to think about? Someone said to me once that they in a way envy that part of Aspergers, the way in which I get totally focused on something and just shut the rest of the world out.

thats when I felt grown up

“The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt.” ~ Max Lerner